Perfectly Designed Permanent Makeup
All Day… Everyday

Permanent Makeup can help to balance the face, enhance positive features, and diminish negative ones. Permanently applied natural hair stroke eyebrows, soft eyeliner with or without multiple shades, and full lip color, put color where you need it most. Permanent makeup can be subtle and natural looking or very dramatic for a full glamour look. Your permanent makeup can reflect many different styles and trends by applying topical makeup when desired.

There are many types of equipment and techniques used for permanent makeup and Celes uses all of them. “I don’t want to limit my face art options by having been trained in one technique only.” People are different and require different techniques to achieve the makeup art they desire. The permanent makeup design is drawn on your face for you to see BEFORE work is started. This ensures that there are no “surprises” for you and that you have communicated your preferences clearly. All permanent makeup is very “strong” looking until it heals and natural skin texture and tone “soften” the look.

Micropigmentation (permanent makeup) may also be used for diminishing the appearance of scars. Different techniques can improve or restore color and improve texture. Typical uses would be for burn grafts, surgical scars, mastectomy reconstruction, and cleft palates.

Anyone and everyone who is tired of designing their face art every single day should consider a complimentary consultation or email with questions. Daily makeup application does not have to be a chore anymore!